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How to Avoid Radiology Claims Denials?

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How to Avoid Radiology Claims Denials

For successful radiology practices, error-free claim and timely submission is one of the key aspects that improve practice cash flow but also reduce the overall billing cost. In radiology billing services, most of the medical claims are denied by the payers due to some reasons. Incorrect information of patient’s insurance coverage, eligibility is one of the main reasons for radiology claim denials. Let’s discuss the reason for radiology claim denials and how to avoid them.

Focus on Insurance Plan Information

  • Name of the plan
  • Subscriber Name
  • Group number
  • Coverage effective dates
  • Secondary /supplemental coverage

Verify Basic Demographic Details of the Patient:

Ensure the patient fills all the details without any error at the time of registration. Below is the checklist to be verified:

  • Patient’s address
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Patient’s current employer.

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