10 reasons to outsource medical billing to India — Augusta Free Press

Medical billing and management are very frustrating and time consuming tasks. It has became a trend for medical organizations for outsource their billing services. Top 10 medical billing companies in Arizona 10 reasons to outsource medical billing to India — Augusta Free Press

All You Need To Know About The Medical Billing Process — Software For Your Business

February 26, 2021 at 12:46AM Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know, healthcare providers fill out an average of 20,000 forms yearly? Hospitals face a lot of hassles when it comes to settling payments or with regards to insurance. Patients are free of their responsibility when they submit insurance details at the hospital’s front desk. However, […]Continue reading “All You Need To Know About The Medical Billing Process — Software For Your Business”

How We End Surprise Medical Billing — Wayne Ramos

Anyone who has received a surprise medical bill knows the feeling of dismay when opening the letter from an unknown provider and seeing an outrageous charge. No one should ever face a surprise medical bill that can lead to financial ruin. Yet millions of patients who do everything right face surprise medical bills they didContinue reading “How We End Surprise Medical Billing — Wayne Ramos”

What is The Claim Preparation Process in Medical Billing? — Style Vanity

If you’re a healthcare provider, you know that you have to start on the claim preparation and billing process after treating a patient. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, then the task will undoubtedly be daunting. But you can always seek the help of a medical billing company. For instance, if you’re a physical therapist, […]Continue reading “What is The Claim Preparation Process in Medical Billing? — Style Vanity”

Real Life Marketing Skills to Help You Build a Successful Medical Billing Business — Medical Billing In The Black

“If You Build It They Will Come”…Only Works in the Movies. In the real world Marketing is what it takes to build a business and not just any marketing; effective, targeted marketing. Marketing designed to make optimum use of your marketing budget and give you a superior return. A Marketing plan which, when developed implemented […]Continue reading “Real Life Marketing Skills to Help You Build a Successful Medical Billing Business — Medical Billing In The Black”

Starting a medical billing business how to get clients

Do you have a medical billing business and want to increase your income? If yes, here are 10 guaranteed ways to get clients for your medical billing business for free. Attracting the customer is not an easy task, especially if the niche you are in is not that wide. however, with the right effort, youContinue reading “Starting a medical billing business how to get clients”

Medical Billing Abbreviations – The exhaustive list

Medicla billing abbreviations – The complete list EOB – Explanation of benefitsCOB -Co-ordination of BenefitsMSP – Medicare as a Secondary PayerPOS – Place of serviceTOS – Type of ServiceDOS – Date of serviceICD – 9 -International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health ProblemsHCPCS – Healthcare Common Procedure Coding SystemCPT – Current procedural TerminologyRBRVS – The Resource Based Relative Value ScaleRVU – Relating Value UnitCHAMPUS – CivilianContinue reading “Medical Billing Abbreviations – The exhaustive list”

Difference between Medical Billing and Medical Coding

Medical Billing and Medical Coding are two related disciplines . Professionals in each field use similar skills to achieve similar results, but the methods they use and how they pursue their goals is different. Medical coders translate the patient encounter into current procedural terminology (CPT) codes. Your primary responsibility is to ensure that the medicalContinue reading “Difference between Medical Billing and Medical Coding”

The Basics of Medical Billing

Medical billers are responsible for the timely submission of technical or professional medical claims to insurance companies, including medical offices, hospitals , nursing homes, or other healthcare facilities. In a hospital setting , medical billers perform different functions than medical billers working in other settings. Understanding the basics of health insurance plans enables the medicalContinue reading “The Basics of Medical Billing”

Top 5 Medical Billing Software

The best medical billing software for home based businesses should come up for the job of home based medical billing professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the need for experts in medical billing and coding is on the rise. A 15% increase between 2014 and 2024 clearly shows the importance of health technicians and doctors today.Continue reading “Top 5 Medical Billing Software”

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